About us...

We are quite possibly the worlds first ever dedicated community for "SIBS and F-Ribs." Inflatable boats have enormous potential and capability, these qualities are often ignored on larger forums, Often leaving you feeling like the underdog. Our members - regardless of age, experience or qualification are very much as important as the next member. 
We welcome all levels of experience, whether you're thinking of buying a boat or you’re a seasoned Captain, you’ll find our “Fun, Free & Friendly Forum” contains a wealth of helpful information. Predominantly we are a Folding Rib and SIB forum however, we cater for all aspects of boating from paddle boards and kayaks to motor cruisers. Join our rapidly growing boating community today and discuss boating topics with members from around the world.

Where Did We Come from?

NOV 2014 F-Ribs And Sibs Facebook Page Launched 
January 2015 F-RibsAndSibs.Com Forum Launched.. Fingers crossed 
September 2015 Our first Ever Wild West Adventure (WWA).. What a great adventure !
2016 January, our first year complete and over 100 members had joined us. September 2016- revisited the West Coast of Scotland. The WWA is now an annual event!
2017 A new year and 200 great members have joined us. Great feedback left on our social media pages. Very strong activity on our forum. September - our annual WWA proved to be the biggest and best yet. 12 guys, 11 boats and 70 miles of the Scottish coastline covered.
January 2018 500 + Members And Growing.. We really are lucky to have such a friendly, knowledgeable and contributing membership.
April 2018 New website to be Launched . Integrated Forum to follow

More Info

The Topics expand daily, as the site content grows our community and forum will reach a wider audience. As a worldwide community we intend to have language packs available in the near future so everyone - regardless of their language can participate with other counties and the members from there.

Forum "members discounts" will soon become available from suppliers of boats, outboards and chandlery.

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