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The inflatable boat has become a popular choice for many people. Whether you use your boat for sea fishing, family fun or discovering those hidden beach coves - You'll be delighted with your purchase.
The affordability, Minimal storage requirements, Ease of transport and the time taken between unloading them from the vehicle to launch time makes it a very simple choice for many when considering having their own craft…. You'll soon realise the enormous
potential and capability of these amazing boats, These qualities are often ignored on larger boating forums - Resulting in you feeling like the underdog and left overwhelmed by the bigger power boats & their owners..

Here at F-Ribs & Sibs, We do things a little different, The Soft Inflatable Boat (SIB) enthusiasts & Folding Rigid Inflatable Boat (F-Rib) Community now have a website and discussion forum dedicated to their needs.
A fun, free and friendly community for SIB, F-Rib and Rib owners. Get the help and advice you need before buying the inflatable boat that suits your needs.
We welcome all levels of experience, So whether you're thinking of buying a boat or you’re a seasoned Captain, you’ll find our “
Fun, Free & Friendly Forum” contains a wealth of helpful information for the seasoned sibber or a huge amount of knowledge for a perspective buyer to aid purchasing a "Suitable Craft" for their needs .

Yes, Predominantly we are a Folding Rib and SIB forum, however — we do cater for all aspects of boating from Paddle Boards, Sups, Tenders and Kayaks to Ribs and Motor Cruisers- 

If like us, you enjoy fishing from your tender or other inflatable craft, then you're in the right place. Many of our members are keen fishermen too and are happy share their valuable tips and tricks with forum members. 
Our community discussion page is Fun, Free & Friendly, Join us today for the advice you're seeking, Or perhaps join us to meet other like minded folk for a little cruising in company with members local to you.


f-rib 375 with a suzuki outboard. Morred up at Hamble Point Marina

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