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The Hobbit England
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Re: Depth finder

Post by The Hobbit » 10 Aug 2018, 21:29

I can feel your excitment Compo, don't forget there is plenty of help on here to help you tweak your set up and make it your own once you have all the bits and from the questions and answers you've asked and got, you are going to have one awesome set up. What we are also looking forward to is once you get out, we'll be interested in your local knowledge of your area so others can boat there in the future too. In my opinion you can't fault Garmin but they are a bit more expensive but I can't think of any Garmin unit that isn't GPS enabled so that is the extra you are paying for. Another option that some of us use is a navionics app on your phone or a tablet/ipad. It gives you all the charts etc and GPS so you could consider a lower price fishfinder/sounder. I know........ so many choices to make :thumbsup :chat :Confused

And pictures of your rig..... we love pics and vids lol

Enjoy and make it yours :thumbsup :drive
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Martin England
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Re: Depth finder

Post by Martin » 10 Aug 2018, 22:21

Compo1804 wrote:
10 Aug 2018, 17:29
Martin ,
Been looking as you suggested the Hook 3/4, but as usual a bit confused🤤.
There is a Hook2 x4 or a mk 3 and 4. Now totally confused
I'm probably not the best to help on this Mal as i don't have one, I run the navionics app on an ipad with the vexilar sp300....

I'm sure some of the others guys will assist as i know a few of them run the laurance machines.
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Re: Depth finder

Post by Steve » 11 Aug 2018, 06:48

Compo1804 wrote:
09 Aug 2018, 21:10
thanks for the info Steve, neat idea bud.
I've seen the Lawrence Hok2-x4 at a reasonable price, but what is a skimmer Transducer, as opposed to any other transducer and is it suitable for the Honwave T38IE, unless someone can recommend a better system.
Hi Mal and thanks!

My transducer in the pic I posted is a skimmer type, I.e. it’s designed to sit in the water and read at speed. The mount I made puts it just about level with the bottom of the starboard trim tab...

I have the Lowrance Hook 4 btw, which I bought in the Spring...

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