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Members are invited to sell their personal boating items free of charge, Personal items are items that you've bought and No longer require.
Members who are buying items to sell at a profit are requested to join the "Supporting Members" group. (Please contact Admin)
Trade organisations/businesses, Please contact Admin before posting.
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Forum Terms of Use

Post by Admin » 22 May 2018, 20:51


It is pleasing to say that this is not a heavily moderated site and it’s the intention to keep it that way. We do have a few rules in place, but hope never to call upon them.

In posting to any part of F-RibsAndSibs.Com, members agree to the following:-

General Conduct
Swearing and abusive language is not tolerated, there is a swear filter in place with only the real harsh swear words filtered, as a mark of trust we will leave the setting as it is, In hope that nobody abuses this.
We do not claim to be child friendly or a 'family forum', but please be mindful of others when posting. Just because you are not offended yourself doesn't mean someone else won't be.
No illegal or possibly illegal comments, for example, racist, libellous or threatening remarks.
Please don't take forum threads "Off Topic". However, the 'original poster' ("OP") of the thread is given more leniency to do so.
No 'goodbye' posts. If you wish to leave the forums or site, we regret that you are doing so, but please do so quietly.
No blatant and unnecessary spamming.
Please do not cross post threads and posts (i.e. submitting the same thread/post twice or more in separate forum locations).
By posting on F-RibsAndSibs.Com or its affiliated sites, you agree that your content may be used elsewhere by the Administrators.
Should you decide to leave the forum/site, your posts will not be removed even if requested. Removal could cause disruption to the threads or topics and leave them without direction.

Introduce Yourself
If you walked into a pub, you would introduce yourself before talking to a stranger, forums share a lot in common with a pub. A quick post to the “introduce yourself” section, along with filling your profile in (even with the vaguest of details i.e. Woodford or Birmingham, etc), would help let other users to get to know you, if only a little.

Private Mail Should Dictate Private Responses
If someone on a discussion forum has sent a private message to you (i.e., not posted in the forum) and you have lost that person's address but want to respond, do not post private messages to the forum. Post a message to the forum only requesting that the person contact you again, without giving the details of any off-forum messages.

Flaming is Inappropriate
As with all forums, Discussions will often result in disagreements. Rebuttals to another person's opinions or beliefs should always be made in a rational, logical and mature manner, whether they are made publicly or privately. "Flaming," or insulting another forum subscriber, is never appropriate.
F-RibsAndSibs.Com exists to help find information and get to know other users, making forum subscribers uncomfortable interferes with the purposes of the forum.

Text Talk/Shorthand
Please do not use "text talk" on the forum i.e. “U” instead of "you" or “4” instead of "for" etc, this makes the search engine pointless and also reading of the posts difficult for many and isn't necessary. The usual acronyms are allowed i.e. "LOL" (laugh out loud) "atm" (at the moment) etc, but please spell words to the best of your ability so that everybody can understand.

Unsolicited Advertising and Chain Letters
Please note that F-RibsAndSibs.Com does not distribute the email addresses of forum subscribers, any unsolicited advertising and chain letters that appear on the forum should be reported to a moderator immediately!

Users of the forum are invited to use their own custom avatar as part of their profile. This can be added using the User Control Panel. All Avatars should meet all other forum guidelines including copyright and inappropriate content. Moderators retain the right to remove any avatar that is deemed inappropriate at any time without notice

Other Disruptive or Abusive Behaviour
Be sure that you as a forum participator set a good example of positive interaction and good netiquette practice. Good manners are the same on the internet as they are in person - being polite, considerate of others, and respectful of opinions that may differ from your own are the key to successful interaction on F-RibsAndSibs.Com Forum. This forum is not the medium for any personal issues or disagreements between any members.

The role of the moderators is to uphold the rules and they have the backing of Administrators to take the necessary action which may include warnings and/or banning wherever they deem it to be appropriate.
F-RibsAndSibs.Com operates a "three strikes and out" system of action, which may lead to bans ranging from 30 minutes to lifetime. The moderator’s decision is final.

Copyright & Software Piracy
All postings of both images and text must conform with international copyright law and credits, where necessary must be included. By posting on F-RibsAndSibs.Com you are fully responsible for your content.
F-RibsAndSibs.Com & its moderators / administration take no liability for users comments or postings.
We do not condone Software Piracy in any way shape or form; this includes copied navigation maps, service manuals etc and anything else that breeches copyright.

Commercial Postings
Any organisation/trade body should contact the forum Admin prior to making a commercial post to the site. Failure to do so could lead to the post & posting member being removed permanently from the forum.

Items for Sale
All items for sale should be in the “For Sale” forum. No other section of the site should be used for selling of any kind. This also applies to items wanted; they should be advertised in the “wanted” thread/forum.

F-RibsAndSibs.Com, its affiliates or its staff cannot be held liable for any transaction made on the forum or as a result of any posts.
The rules are here to protect genuine, honest buyers & sellers whilst upholding the good nature of the forum/site.
Following fraudulent or improper actions, F-RibsAndSibs.Com will terminate your account, publish your details in a bad trader's thread and give all details about you to the damaged parties and the police.

The Sales forum is only open for selling legal items that you own and are yours to sell. The sale pages(s) are for boat/boating related items only.
Members are invited to sell their personal boating items free of charge, Personal items are items that you've bought and used or bought and not used and you are selling them for that reason.
Members who are buying items to sell at a profit, This is similar to a trade organisation as you are using as an advertising platform for your personal profit. As an "Active Member" we would show some degree of understanding. Do please ask about joining the "Supporting Members" group. Members joining for the sole purpose of selling their items will be (At the discretion of the moderators) removed from the forum and their items deleted from the "Market Place"

Should you wish to sell anything non boat related, please do so elsewhere such as a well known auction website.
If an item is available for sale elsewhere, this must be stated in the original post.

Thread spoiling is not tolerated.
If you have no intention of making a purchase, stay off the thread, this includes stating opinions on pricing or the item in question if not directly related to purchasing the item. Posts from users who are clearly not interested in buying, will be deleted.

Any queries should be made via PM to one of the Admin/Moderation Team

:roll: A bit long winded, sorry... :TY
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