Advice on trailer mods needed please

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Re: Advice on trailer mods needed please

Post by Martin » 23 Sep 2018, 22:59

The Hobbit wrote:
20 Sep 2018, 19:31
Compo1804 wrote:
20 Sep 2018, 19:17
It protects the inner body organs. We have several pairs of them apparently. Also you can buy spare ones😎
By the way Hobbit I’ve sent you an email, not sure if I’ve got the hang of sending stuff yet
I think you are correct Mal, you havn't got the hang of it matey as I don't have an email :rofl :rofl :Confused Seriously though try this one ...... although this is listed in the forum under my profile. If it's not working I'll speak to Martin or PM if you want.
Your email addi isn't available on public view guys, Andy.. you can see it because you're a moderator :lol:
Keeping personal emails off the forum is a good idea, otherwise you'll get spam blasted at you.. Andy probably looks forward to this as he's getting bored talking to siri and alexa :yay

Sending a pm is the best idea, or using the built in email button on a members profile is safe, the email addi is kept hidden and the email is sent via the forum software.

Martin :cheers
F-RibsAndSibs.Com.... :whistle
Because it's a big old WWworld out there :mrgreen:

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