Hi from Southampton.

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Roy54 Great Britain
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Hi from Southampton.

Post by Roy54 » 26 Nov 2018, 19:22

Hi to you all, Roy here , I'm not an owner at the moment and am looking for advice as to what would suit me best , an F rib or a sib . My requirements are to be able to carry myself and 2 young teens ,inshore waters but also occasionally my wife and three small dogs just for river work. I like the look of the F rib 360 but would need to be able to carry the boat on the roof of my Santa Fe when we go away with the caravan. I wonder how tuff the floors are on a sib, ref the dogs. Anybody s experience with dogs in a sib would be great! Also does anyone carry there boat on the roof of their vehicle. Thanks in advance Roy

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ChrisParish Great Britain
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Re: Hi from Southampton.

Post by ChrisParish » 26 Nov 2018, 20:42

Hi Roy! :welcome on board!
There are a few of us here in Southampton and the surrounding environs.
I can’t help much with the Dog thing, but Kamen takes his dog out in the boat and he has an air floor - they are pretty tough!
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The Hobbit England
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Re: Hi from Southampton.

Post by The Hobbit » 26 Nov 2018, 21:30

Hi Roy and :welcome to F-ribs and Sibs. You are in the right place for all your questions and I was in the same boat (or not) when I first joined here. I have a Honwave T38 now and I would be happy with dogs in mine as I have another layer over the air floor. I put it there as it just protects the air floor full stop, particularly when I am fishing but the same principle would be the same for your dogs. I just use a length of EVA foam matting that stretches the length of the boat and all my stuff holds it in place. (fuel tank. storage box etc) I unroll it to put it in and I roll it back up when I have finished. I was in Scotland last January and I found my air floor was punctured (pin prick) and couldn't work out why. Then I found a tiny sharp edged stone in the bottom of the boat that could only have come from the tread of my wellies and must have been what punctured the floor. The matting doesn't go the whole length of the boat so I have access to the floor valves so I can adjust the pressure in very cold waters. Any more questions just ask away :clappy :thumbsup :chat :sos Great to have you onboard :thumbsup :clappy
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Martin England
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Re: Hi from Southampton.

Post by Martin » 26 Nov 2018, 23:03

Hi Roy, welcome to the forum.. :thumbsup
I’m a Caravan owner with an f-rib too.
I have a pick up truck to tow the caravan or boat, but when taking both I fold the f-rib up and stick it in the rear tub and load the caravan up with our personal effects.
In my opinion, it’s always good to have a little weight in the vehicle as well as the caravan.

Sibs and dogs.. no problem as long as they haven’t got razor sharp claws 😬
You’ll more than likely find it’s the tubes that the dogs may damage rather than the floor,
Because most of us that have it have had airfloor boats tend to use an extra layer of flooring protection. A set of rubbery type clickntogethor mats or a one piece tends to do the job just great.

If you have any specifics you wish to know in either the air floor or a frib, were here to help.

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warder54 Great Britain
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Re: Hi from Southampton.

Post by warder54 » 28 Nov 2018, 14:42

Welcome Roy. I have a caravan and an F-Rib 360. I go away twice a year with my fishing buddy, Danny (Dobro on here) We load the boat/outboard (20hp Tohatsu), fuel tanks and fishing gear in the pick-up with room for a few more bits n bobs. I used to Have a Santa Fe and loved it, only reason I changed, was because it could not get my bigger boat off the shingle and sand beach here in Montrose - the auto (non selectable) 4wd never kicked in til after the front wheels had buried themselves! Love the Navara NP300. Anyway enjoy whichever option you go for, I loved my Honwave too.
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Roy54 Great Britain
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Re: Hi from Southampton.

Post by Roy54 » 28 Nov 2018, 18:54

Thanks for the answers chaps, I would also like to know if a 4 stroke outboard can be transported lying down. I read somewhere that you have to drain the sump of oil ?? Roy

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harrison Great Britain
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Re: Hi from Southampton.

Post by harrison » 28 Nov 2018, 19:19

Hi Roy,
I think you’ll find all modern 4-strokes can be laid down on one side for transport, which side varies between manufacturers though, without draining the oil. Some of the new smaller Suzuki’s can even be laid on one of three sides.

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