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solarsurfer England
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Post by solarsurfer » 17 Oct 2018, 17:47

I have been researching/finding slipways and other places to launch from around Felixstowe.
Found one place on river Ore, run by (no surprise here) the council.
They want to charge £22.50 per day, for use of a bit of concrete, but the only place you can park is on council land, and it works out at £17.50 for a car and trailer ! RIP OFF or what !

Problem is, nobody that works for a council is a business person, and their attitude is to increase prices in an effort to attract new business !

Shame we cant demonstrate !

Talking about demonstrating, one of the fracking guys released today, lives over the road from me. His mom was a 60's demonstrator against nuclear weapons, and still runs around in psychedelic clothing, so no changes in their genes then !

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harrison Great Britain
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Re: Slipways

Post by harrison » 17 Oct 2018, 20:01

Yeah, Rip Off. Welcome to ‘boatworld’ where most things carry a premium.

If you want free launching best not to have a big sib and put it on a trailer. May as well just go for a rigid hull boat. ;-) Unless of course you’re able to tow near water and hand launch from there. For many a year we dragged our, ever increasing in size, sibs over sand and dunes on launching trolleys/transom wheels for buckshee cost. Bleeding hard work though.

Now trailered, the local tractor launch (no other option in our bay) is £30 a pop or £500 a season, Ouch! Am I bothered, nope, it’s so easy and operates at all tide states. We stump up the seasonal fee and make sure we get our money’s worth.

Nearest slipway 4 miles up the coast is still £30 plus parking. :(

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9-R Republic of Texas
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Re: Slipways

Post by 9-R » 17 Oct 2018, 20:11

That sucks! Are most areas like that for you?

Guess we're fortunate. There are quite a few public ramps on the lakes, rivers and down at the coast that are free to use. Couple of others charge but it's maybe $5. Some marina's charge $20 but they're rarely used.

Can be debatable I guess but sometimes I wish they did charge more. The ramps are very busy and it might cut down on the yahoos who shouldn't be out on the water anyways.
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