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Re: DIY bow spray canopy

Posted: 15 Sep 2018, 11:37
by The Hobbit
Hi David and welcome to the forum.

Re: DIY bow spray canopy

Posted: 16 Sep 2018, 06:34
by Martin
DavidA wrote:
15 Sep 2018, 08:48
Hi All. New here, and to SIBing!
Would love to add one of these sparay canopies to my Honwave T27 but would like advice as to how to locate the ends of the tent poles to the top of my tubes . Location I guess would be just forward of the seat.
Any ideas would be welcome.
Hi David,
In the past we've seen everything from simple blocks of wood for feet, to plumbing end stops sewn in to the (safety line) grab rope on the top of the tubes.
I personally use railblaza bimini mounts.

Great to have you aboard buddy, If you coyuld possibly do a `~~~~"Hello - I'm new" post in the introduce yourself section please, that would be great...
It not only allows you to say "Hello" to all the guys, It also gets seen by most of the members on here and they can say hello to you too....

Enjoy the forum
Martin :cheers

Re: DIY bow spray canopy

Posted: 16 Sep 2018, 10:01
by DavidA
Hi Martin

Thanks for the quick reply. Do you have a link to these mounts. I'm assuming they have to be glued on to the sponson. Have ordered 7mm tent pole sections so assume these would fit.


Re: DIY bow spray canopy

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 12:18
by Martin
Hi David, completely missed your reply. sorry.
I used these mounts

And mount them on something like this.... ... gLLOvD_BwE

Hope that helps.