Think I've won a golden watch...

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Think I've won a golden watch...

Post by ochayethenoo » 08 Jan 2019, 20:13

Hello Everyone

So I've introduced myself, now on to the sib.....

Approximately 1 HOUR ago I won my first sib on ebay via offer, It's a 2016 Honwave T30 AE which comes with 2016 4hp Yamaha four stroke engine. The owner states that its been used TWICE! I gave an offer of £1000.00 and it was accepted :party I have full faith that the owner is genuine and speaks the truth as the engine appears to be immaculate as does the boat. For my own security it was bought on ebay and im paying cash on collection incase it's a complete dog. To me a 2016 boat and yam engine for a grand is a bargain..

So being an absolute rookie could someone please tell me what to look out for when collecting tomorrow? I'm quite mechanically minded owning and fixing previous motorbikes and cars BUT I've never used an outboard in my life!

The reason for purchasing the boat is for solo fishing trips round scottish sea lochs and other marks roughly a mile offshore. I can't contain my excitement :yay

Cheers all
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Re: Think I've won a golden watch...

Post by warder54 » 09 Jan 2019, 20:00

Well done on a great deal!
I would insist on seeing the outboard running (started from cold, not pre warmed before you get there) either on muffs or in a tub of water, make sure it pumps water from the indicator "pee hole" Check that it goes into forward and reverse gears while running. Don't rev the nuts off it in neutral like you would a bike! Listen for any nasty noises when running. Being a 4hp 4stroke it will be single cylinder, so don't be worried about a bit of shaking at idle, this should decrease as revs rise. (my 5hp Tohatsu is a bit of a nodding donkey at idle but smooths out as soon as revs pick up.
You also need to see the boat fully assembled to be sure nothing is missing, check all seams and tube joints to transom for any signs of peeling apart, it may have only been used once but how well and long has it been stored?

I'm sure others will chip in with further advice.

Welcome to a great forum by the way. If ever you fancy a trip out on the East coast, droop me a PM
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