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Dropping in to say Hi

New to the forum, Please pop in and say “Hi”
Introduce yourself and tell us about what your boating interests are and any other hobbies for that matter.

Dropping in to say Hi

Postby mm289 » 12 May 2018, 18:40

Evening all :)

just dropping in to say hi before posting lots of questions for you all on SIBS :lol:

Based down in Kent near the coast currently but also looking to spend some time in the Argyle and Bute area at some point in the future. Spent most of my life near the sea, fishing etc and done a few boating activities from Kayaks to cruisers to occasional sailing but never owned my own boat so been looking to change that :yay

Had been looking at getting a trailerable pilothouse style fisher, Quicksilver/Jeneau/Parker etc in the 6m size range, but have been inspired by some of Gurnards video's to consider a SIB as a cheaper/easier alternative to get started with, and one that will allow me to access a lot more places oop North than a bigger boat would.

So that's my story, look forward to conversing with you :thumbsup


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Re: Dropping in to say Hi

Postby Cliff » 12 May 2018, 18:58

:welcome MM, good to have you join us, most on here have gone the sib or f-rib route, just to be awkward I went for the proper rib, but hopefully I have the transport cracked for all the situations I'll need. Happy boating :bestwishes Cliff
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Re: Dropping in to say Hi

Postby Martin » 12 May 2018, 19:49

Welcome abaord MM, as Cliff says - he's gone down the little rib type boat road but he done it in such a way it's nearly as portable as a big sib.
It's all about finding the right craft to suit your needs.
I have a folding rib (F-Rib 375s) Not quite as capable as a full blown rib, but it does give me the flexibility of a sib whilst having the rocket capability when i leave the family at home and i go playing out with the boys.
:yay :gayslap

We get asked often on here - "Whats the best sib or f-rib. ? " _ The only reply to that is the craft that suits your needs and pocket.

Enjoy the forum, jump right in and ask away and we'll do our best to help if you need it.

Martin :cheers
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