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F-Rib went to Norfolk

10 Sep 2017, 21:08

Hi all, hope those that went enjoyed the WWA2017, I never put my name forward because I had already booked a cottage in Wroxham for my 2nd trip of the year with Danny.
11 hrs drive each way but worth it for some great fishing and time on the water.
Spent the Tuesday setting up and shopping for snacks/bait and tackle. Then it was on the water at 12 ish for a run downriver to find a fishing spot on the bank - we were feeder fishing so needed a steady base to see the bites!
We were using a 55lb thrust trolling motor, not really up to the job 1 up + tackle and a huge 115ah battery but it got us there and back :drive That was removed and the Tohatsu 5hp fitted! left the 15 at home as the max speed on the river is 5,ph anyway.
Wednesday we travelled up to Coltishall fishing next to the Rising Sun Pub before heading back to Wroxham.
Thursday was a run down to Horning, after lunch and a Pint we headed back stopping to bag some fish from the bank - 85 fish between us in 3hrs :)
We also spent some time most days wetting a line in the marina at the back of the house.
Packed the boat away Thurs evening so we had lots of time to have a proper try for some pike by the rail bridge in town. We both had a bite at the same time - Danny was watching my rod when the alarm sounded, he only just noticed his rod trying to enter the water from the corner of his eye! I lost my fish but Danny landed his new PB Pike of 10lb. I lost another fish when a kinked wire trace snapped but a while later landed a new PB Pike of 20lb plus, no pics on the bank but Danny caught some video of the fish on the surface, it was long and very fat, it bent the alloy shaft of Danny's net, got it to the bank where it flipped out, off the hook and back in the water, only claiming 20 but sure it was bigger.
Anyway here is a link to the vid on you tube. Wish I had taken more video but sometimes you just have to look around and take it all in.


Re: F-Rib went to Norfolk

10 Sep 2017, 23:18

The boat did well puddling about at such slow speeds. It was a treat for me as my backside managed to stay in contact which is rarely the case in unrestricted waters. The biggest danger came from idiot drivers. These big boats are rented to people who haven't a clue about boat handling. One idiot rammed us when we were tied up so Mike could have a run ashore. They forget they aren't in in the family hatchback and expect miracles just by turning the wheel.

Re: F-Rib went to Norfolk

11 Sep 2017, 06:35

What a great story and wonderful word picture of a lovely area warder54. I have only been once, far too long ago. I do remember the out of control rental boats near all the pubs! And what fishing success, you caught more fish than I have caught all season :)


Re: F-Rib went to Norfolk

11 Sep 2017, 16:56

Hi Warder54

I really enjoyed your vid - it was only last night the mrs and I chatted about a trip to Norfolk!

Would you recommend those cottages? And did they all come with a mooring space? Also, did you need a permit to be on the water? Did you enter any of the Broads or just stick to the river?

Well done with the fishing!



Re: F-Rib went to Norfolk

12 Sep 2017, 06:40

Great video and some super fishing. Please be mindful though that trolling while under any mechanical power is illegal on the broads even with an electric trolling motor. However you can troll while paddling.
Steve yes you do need a broads permit to use any boat,kayak or canoe etc. You can get these from the broads authority and you can get a short stay permit.
The Broads authority do check and they are active in the area.

Re: F-Rib went to Norfolk

12 Sep 2017, 16:24

Highly recommend the Peninsular cottages, ideal location for anything you want and for free bank fishing on the peninsular area. (still need a rod licence) Ooops never knew about the trolling ban! We did see a broads trust boat who just waved and carried on when we were on one of two short trolling sessions. Short toll boat fee for a week cost us £12.50.
If you can manage to get Yare cottage the owner Julie C is very helpful, she removed her boat to free up the mooring at the back of the house for us to use - for free! We booked through Trip advisor.
2017-09-04 19.34.11.jpg
Danny on the dock

2017-09-05 19.49.11.jpg
Dusk, fishing behind the house

2017-09-04 19.34.50.jpg
Parking at front of house

Re: F-Rib went to Norfolk

13 Sep 2017, 22:34

Thanks for sharing :thumbsup
Looks like a lovely part of the country to visit and get out on the water and fish 8-) .........some of those waterside properties ain't too shabby either :mrgreen:
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