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10 Oct 2017, 19:56

Hi all do all bunk trailers have three bunks. Mine has one down the middle aswell as each side. Could I remove the middle one and replace with roller for the keel. I notice some are. Thanx

Re: Bink

10 Oct 2017, 20:39

If yours has a support for the keel then it's a bonus as not all bunked trailers have this support fitted. Looks like yours was built to carry a sib :thumbsup
I'd leave the keel support in place as the more support the better ;-)
With reference to your other post on another thread about trailering your boat with the OB fitted my comment would be does the keel support extend enough to the transom area :?:
If not then extend it or fit a roller located directly under the transom area to give it support and prevent bouncing whilst towing :idea:

Re: Bink

11 Oct 2017, 09:05

Or purchase a transom saver as they really do help. I have 1 in the garage its effectivley a large shock absorber
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