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Hello from Cheshire

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Hello from Cheshire

Postby dave gregson » 16 Apr 2018, 06:32

Hi Guys,
Purchased my 1st rib / sib yesterday. (not totally sure which category it falls in to)
Got a Honwave 3.5 with a Honda 20hp on the back. It has the alluminum floor.
Had fishing boats for many years but decided to scale down and try to get out more often and enjoy different location.
Tend to fish around Anglesey / Menai Straights but hoping to get a bit firther afield this year?
I would welcome any advice on Launching areas, anchor size and type safety.
Weather forecast looking good later this week so will try to get out????
Thanks in advance
dave gregson
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Re: Hello from Cheshire

Postby PaulR » 16 Apr 2018, 07:10

Welcome to the forum Dave. Lots of Honwave owners on here that will be able to give you any advice you need. I am new to this myself so not much advice coming from me I am afraid. Like you I am hoping to get my maiden voyage done this week if the weather gods are kind to us. Good luck with your new toy :drive
Regards Paul R
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Re: Hello from Cheshire

Postby Paul B » 16 Apr 2018, 08:25

Hi and welcome from another Honwave owner :welcome
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Re: Hello from Cheshire

Postby Martin » 16 Apr 2018, 13:18

Hi DAVE, welcome again !!
The t35 is indeed a sib, just with aluminium floor sections.
Any of the boats with a soft material hull are sibs (in general) and anything with a solid hull is a rib.
The in between boat is an f-rib. That folds up like a sib but has a solid floor divided into 2,3 or 4 sections depending on the size of the craft.

Floors in the boats differ substantially.
The floor in yours is built up from ally sections, I presume your boat will have an inflatable keel that created a slight v section on the outer hull when inflated and covered with the ally boards.
Some similar designs to yours have wooden or such keels but an air floor mat that pops over the keel.
The other Honwaves “V” high pressure floors are just that. They inflate to .85 bar and create their own deep v keel.

I’d be interested if you would share your local knowledge of launch sites, we’ve often spoke of a north wales trip out but get put off by the over regulation ie: permits, licenses etc.

Enjoy the forum
Martin :cheers
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Re: Hello from Cheshire

Postby Cliff » 16 Apr 2018, 17:39

:welcome Welcome to the forum Dave. I'm not too far away, so hope to meet up in the near future. :cheers Cliff
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Re: Hello from Cheshire

Postby Andy B » 16 Apr 2018, 18:46

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Re: Hello from Cheshire

Postby Paul » 16 Apr 2018, 23:23

Hi and :welcome to the forum Dave
The Honwave 3.5 is a good solid sib and I'm sure it'll serve you well :thumbsup
Regarding anchors I'd recommend a 2kg Bruce anchor as I've found them to hold well in pretty much any situation/sea floor composition.
To perform well the anchor needs to be 'set' well ..... on your sib I'd say 3-4 metres of 6mm chain with 30 metres of rope would do the job.
The length of chain and its weight assist the anchor to maintain its angle to work correctly ....... the rope when feed out wants to be at about 30 degrees to the boat to act as a shock absorber when the boat rises and falls on the waves ....... obviously if you're wanting to anchor in deeper water you'll need to attach more rope ;-)
Regarding the rope, be aware that thin rope is difficult to handle with cold wet hands .... personally I don't use rope less than 10mm in diameter :|
Happy boating and any other questions then just :chat
Good to have you aboard
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Re: Hello from Cheshire

Postby Steve » 17 Apr 2018, 07:36

Hi Dave and :welcome

Loads of great advice on here, especially as quite a lot have Honwaves!

Hope you enjoy your first SIB :D


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