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Hello from southern California

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Hello from southern California

Postby socalspearit » 19 Oct 2017, 16:30

I stumbled onto this board because I'm working on turning a 15' Saturn Kaboat into a foldable RIB. I'm a freediver and spearfisherman based in Los Angeles, and I've had a different Kaboat (14') and mostly ran with a Tohatsu 6hp 4-stroke. It literally wore it out, put many hundreds of ocean miles on it, plenty of coastal miles but also some island runs (Catalina is 25 miles off our coast). Pretty rickety thing but spectacularly light and cheap to run (dry weight of mine without engine was less than 20 kilos, could make 18mpg at 10 knots) and I could fit engine, boat, spearing/dive gear in a compact car. I didn't see mention of the Kaboat on this board.. here is an older review I made of the 14'

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_cont ... GtvLidrVLM

Anyway, I recently got a slightly larger model, a 15', and also a new Suzuki 15hp engine. Nearly regret selling the 6hp and going to beast of a 15hp... it's really far too much engine for the boat, HOWEVER the last island run on it got me thinking as I watched the transom bend and flex and my hull folding under the grunt of the new engine... "why not run reinforcing aluminum tubes under the air floor that screw directly into the transom and turn this thing into a something approaching a RIB?" Our southern California 'grail of boating' is a vessel for two that has a comfy 100km range and cruising speed of say 15knots, and which can fit into a small jeep or full size car and driven deep into Baja California... trailering a boat a 1000 miles on those roads is no fun. This project will probably take a little bit of custom welding for the transom bracket, but other than that I think I can fabricate out of epoxy, aircraft aluminum, maybe some CF wrapping over the aluminum, stainless fittings...
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Re: Hello from southern California

Postby 9-R » 19 Oct 2017, 19:23

Very cool. Welcome aboard!

To Catalina in a Kaboat, very impressive. Heading to Baja would be a blast.
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Re: Hello from southern California

Postby Martin » 19 Oct 2017, 20:59

Wowsers.... This is going to be interesting to see, You just can't beat a bit of diy modding :mrgreen:
Our folding ribs (F-Rib) are pretty awesome, I'm not sure if you've seen the unfolding/folding process, so here's a little video of mine as i collected it.

Welcome aboard, It's always great to have another member from across the pond. Enjoy the forum and just yell :help if needed...

Martin :cheers
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Re: Hello from southern California

Postby Paul » 19 Oct 2017, 22:06

Hi and :welcome aboard
Interesting video 8-) and loving the modifications to make your boat suit your needs :thumbsup
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Re: Hello from southern California

Postby kaman » 21 Oct 2017, 12:00

Hi and welcome.
Interesting video you posted up - well jealous of your weather.
If we had weather like that in the west coast of Scotland I'd probably develope gills like a fish from a boating overload. :D
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