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New member Newark on Trent

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New member Newark on Trent

Postby Andy W » 19 Jul 2017, 08:52

Hello everyone,
I am such a Newby that I haven't even got a boat yet! I have a friend Who has a 3.6M SIB and went out with him a few times last summer. I am holidaying with him again this year but I have got the bug!! I am looking to get a SIB suitable for 4 adults in coastal and inland waters. I need to have a Sib because I will have to transport it together with a folding camper. We use a VW Transporter though, so lots of room. I also don't have the space to store a rigid hull when not in use. I am on a rather tight budget so really need to do this on the cheap, which I know is never the best way. Fortunately I am a very practical sort of guy and have lots of facilities at my disposal. My main trade is manufacture and repair of woodwind instrument, a craft which I teach as my full time job, but I have been involved in lots of other branches of engineering including motor vehicle and motorcycle over the last 30+ years. at the end of the day I like a project and I'm not afraid of taking something on that needs work.
Having said that, as the day of our holiday approaches, the potential size of any possible "project" is diminishing with the weeks available.
Has anyone heard of a manufacturer called Pro-Marine? I have seen a number of AL-330s for sale. Prices are generally modest and they vary in condition. I haven't been able to find much about them on the internet. What I have found makes me suspect that they may be akin to Bestway and should be given a wide berth, but maybe someone has first hand experience? I'm not afraid to buy cheap knowing in a year or two I may have to replace. This is a "trial" after all, but I need to prove to my wife and family that this is a worthwhile thing... and hope they share my enthusiasm. So what ever I get has to be up to the job but doesn't have to have a long life expectancy.

The research I have done suggests I am looking for a SIB, either Hypalon or PVC, between 3-4M with either a Ply, Ally or Air deck, Inflatable keel and an engine between 10 and 20hp depending on the size weight and design of the boat.
I'd be grateful of any helpful advice.

Andy W
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Re: New member Newark on Trent

Postby Paul » 19 Jul 2017, 22:10

Hi Andy and :welcome to the forum

Shame you are going shopping for your craft during the height of the season, so prices are at a premium unfortunately :(
You are on the right track looking at 3-4M boats, however with 4 adults aboard it's going to be 'intimate' regardless of the make, so be aware of this.
The 'key' to getting the best boat is one that has the least 'faff' IMO
Reasons that put owners off using their boats often are weight of boat and engine, then the time spent to set it up and pack away afterwards.
Hypalon, ply and ally are all items that add weight and same applies to outboards, 10-20hp weights, factoring in 2 stroke against 4 stroke weights.
All these points above we'll put aside as it comes down to your budget :?:
Give us an idea of your budget and we'll be able to advise you what you may get for your hard earnt :idea:
Good to have you aboard
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Re: New member Newark on Trent

Postby Martin » 19 Jul 2017, 22:30

Hiya Andy & Welcome to our inflatable boat forum....

I seem to remember posting a reply a few days ago on Facebook regarding the pro-marine, perhaps you are the same guy ?
I did a quick search and found a website but when you clicked the link it took you to a plastimo site...
I've since found this translated page.... https://translate.google.co.uk/translat ... arine.html

As Paul says, if you could give us an idea of your budget for the boat/outboard, we can point you ion the right direction hopefully.

Enjoy the forum...
A great bunch of folk on here

Martin :cheers
F-RibsAndSibs.Com.... :whistle
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Re: New member Newark on Trent

Postby Paul B » 20 Jul 2017, 08:06

Hi Andy and welcome to the forum :welcome ,
Good luck with your search, you might be better waiting until the winter before buying a sib, yes you will miss out on the summer this year but usually there will be some bargains to be had later in the year :thumbsup
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