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06 Sep 2016, 23:18

Due to the latest photo bucket crazy fee implementation we would really appreciate your views on this topic...


Martin & Paul

Unfortunately we've had no option but to implement the banning of third party inbound links from photo storage websites due to the mess left behind with spoiled/missing images.
As most of you will know, photo bucket muppets got a little greedy and decided to charge account holders to allow outbound links from their site to a community/forum/facebook etc etc...

By uploading your images directly to this forum, they are backed up daily and should never get lost/deleted. This gives all members a better experience and helps keep the forum productive and alive.
We have no issues regarding storage limits anymore, we increased it some time ago as the forum got a little busier, bandwidth and storage are no longer a problem.

You may or may not have noticed the F&Q (frequently asked questions) button on the menu bar, looking at that page it does explain linking is an option... Re-writing that instruction is totally out of our control unfortunately as that help page is stored on the forum software suppliers website and linked to here.

Should you require any assistance on uploading images, please refer to the "How To" guide on the main index page. There you will get advice on videos, images, subscriptions etc..

We have no issues with you linking/embedding video's via youtube, The video content is considerably less than the image count, so should a situation arise with video linking we can probably fix that easily.
Youtube make a great amount of revenue from account holders input, the likelihood of them charging for outbound links (In our opinion) is pretty much zero.

Thanks for your support and input on this guys, :respect
Martin & Paul :cheers


11 Feb 2018, 23:11

Just a quick reminder chaps, We've has a few instances of late where members have uploaded links or inbound linked images. :no
Please refrain from uploading images/links from third party sites (ie photo bucket / postimages, imgur etc)
If these sites decide to do the same as photomuppet did - it breaks our website links/url's and causes the admin team a whole load of misery and time required to fix things where possible)
Please load your images directly to the forum from your devices, This preserves our site map and keeps the google etc robots happy which in turn helps keep the seo of the site functioning correctly.

Many Thanks..

The Team


13 Feb 2018, 08:16

Due to the ongoing Tapatalk image issues, please refrain from posting images via the Tapatalk App.
Although Tapatalk is supported on the forum, their software appears to be causing issues for none Tapatalk users viewing the images on a mobile device.
Using the forum from your mobile device is very easy from the index page, although we have the Portal Page as the landing page a far better forum experience is had when navigating from the index page.

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