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A sib is a soft floor inflatable boat (SIB) that will roll up and fit into a bag to ease with carrying or storage.
There are many different manufacturers and floor designs to suit your needs.
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naming your sib.

12 Aug 2017, 08:58

hi again
just about to purchase a radio . i had the s/h with dsc when i had my kayak, so will get the same. Do you name your boat for records with of-com, or do you mark your boat with your mmsi number. If so what do you use to mark your sib. I never bothered naming or marking my kayak.

Re: naming your sib.

12 Aug 2017, 10:48


Hi Tellum I use a short snappy name Sierra Uniform Lima Alpha as my boat name/callsign and all my kayaks have same name. I used to cut the Celtic font out of black sticky backed plastic so a short name was not just a good callsign it was quicker to cut out. Now I just buy the name precut and a short name is cheaper. I never bother with mmsi/DSC as DSC is greatly limited by lack of other craft and poor VHF reception from sea level where I kayak/boat.

My F-Rib 330 is called Пу́тин so I tend to just use SULA as my F-Rib call sign. :)


Re: naming your sib.

13 Aug 2017, 12:38

If you wish to use a handheld radio only then you will be required to apply for a "Ship Portable Radio licence"..
Presuming you're getting the same again (DSC), upon registration you need to get the "ships portable radio licence with dsc" - they will issue you a new mmsi number. This is knbown as a "T-Number" (forportable sets/handhelds)

A call sign is applicable to a vessel with a fixed radio only, That radio is designated to that vessel and no other. That radio will require separate registration. :thumbsup

Re: naming your sib.

13 Aug 2017, 18:48

Hello again Tellum,

In addition to the good advice from Martin about registering your radio details, it is also very good practice to register your boat name and details/shore contact details with the Coastguard CG66 scheme. This is especially important if you have not registered a PLB with the coastguard, which asks for similar information.

If you want to check what details are held, which relate to your MMSI number or EPIRB/PLB Hex code you can check this site. though it is notoriously out of date.

In practice for small vessels which do not have a fixed radio, your handheld callsign is usually your vessel name. I am guided on this by my friend Ian who is a senior comms officer in the RFA (formerly also the RN). On our kayaking trips we only have handheld VHFs and communicate with each other, other vessels, the coastguard and the Queen's Harbourmaster Clyde using our vessel names with no problems.


Re: naming your sib.

13 Aug 2017, 19:43

Not many seem to bother with the cg66 registration but like Douglas- I'd highly recommend it too.
If you register on there it will give you an option to place a club/group name. Several members have signed up and used f-ribsandsibs as their group name.
In event of a drastic situation and no immediate contact, they can match you to us..
We can then come and rob your wallet, sib and car :lol:

Just a quick foot note, remember when you add your mmsi number into your handheld it's a one shot input. If you get it wrong the vhf will need returning to the manufacturer for resetting :thumbsup

Re: naming your sib.

13 Aug 2017, 20:13

thank-you for all the info,the dsc s/horizon is a bit pricey for me at the moment.might get a little cobra for now ,better then nothing . i could always put the s/h radio on my xmas list
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