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Mobile App... ACTIVE !!

21 Aug 2016, 22:26

We are now active on Tapatalk, so for mobile viewing download the tapatalk app from your app store, search for F-rib & Sib forum, sign in, and away you go..

Slight glitch on this thread, to reply or comment you'll need to follow the link HERE

Re: Mobile App... ACTIVE !!

11 May 2017, 07:57

Just found this postm tapatalk !!!! brilliant, I think that solves my problems. Really nice to use.

Good work.

Re: Mobile App... ACTIVE !!

11 May 2017, 21:17

Thanks Dave,
We had a few requests some time ago for a mobile platform/app...
I'm not big fan of the tapatalk myself but it does seem popular with some folk, so we installed it. Great to see a few of you using it. :thumbsup
It is good for the forum as google allows app indexing, so alledgedly it's doing us some good too :LMT

Re: Mobile App... ACTIVE !!

12 May 2017, 05:51

So far I like Tapatalk for the following reasons :-

New Posts are easier to find.
Summarisies everything nicely.
Fits the iPhone nicely.
Response Notifications quicker.

I am not as used to it as the browser yet but so far I do like it.

I will try and provide a pro's / cons's opinion once I have had enough time to evaluate properly.
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