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August photo competition: "Interesting boats and ships."

01 Aug 2017, 16:39

For August's competition, I am aware that not everyone has easy access to white shell sands, leaping dolphins, ancient castles on islands, Super Heros etc., so to open the competition up, the theme of this month's photo competition is....

"Interesting boats and ships!"

There are very few ground rules but the photo must have been taken on the water from your or a friend's boat by you. The vessel pictured should be bigger than your boat but may or may not be moving. If the subject is moving then any rights of way violations will be deleted on sight, as will pictures of jetskis surfing on ferry wakes. Other pictures of jetskis might just be allowed but you will need to convince me that your boat is very small. The Gurnard may enter, praise may be heaped, but he won't win, due to the fact it could be seen as a stitch up.

The photo will be judged on both the interest of the subject (a few words of title/background information will be welcome but not essential) and the photographic composition.

Some examples of subjects might include ferries, warships, container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, life boats, fishing boats, wrecks, cable/pipe laying ships, lighthouse/navigation buoy support vessels, cruise ships, yachts, square rigged sailing boats etc.

I have very limited 2G/3G internet access at the moment since I used up all my satellite broadband allowance watching the above mentioned Gurnard's videos. However, I will try and post some example photos when my allowance is renewed.

Good luck and have fun on the water over the holidays.


PS as long as they are your photos, they do not need to be taken this month.

Re: August photo competition: "Interesting boats and ships."

01 Aug 2017, 16:47

The Waverley in Oban Bay

Re: August photo competition: "Interesting boats and ships."

01 Aug 2017, 20:37

The Waverley from the other side

Re: August photo competition: "Interesting boats and ships."

01 Aug 2017, 21:32

Rig moored in the Forth, off Burntisland - taken in Sept 2015 from my little Compass Kudos:

Rig in Forth

Here's another view with a slightly more interesting composition including the island of Inchkeith visible in the background and if you click to enlarge the pic, a plane on approach to land at Edinburgh Turnhouse can just be seen in the top right corner

DSCF1059 (2).JPG
Rig, island and plane


Re: August photo competition: "Interesting boats and ships."

03 Aug 2017, 13:40

Those are two great shots of the PS Waverley from PaulB. The Waverley could almost have been a subject for a competition on her own except her cruising grounds are rather limited to round the UK.


Even if you have not been able to get up close like Paul, don't worry. A distant shot can still count and if you can't read the ship's name you can find it and other details in the history section of ShipAIS. In this case, you can see the Waverley steaming off the north end of Arran on the AIS map. Of course naval ships and many commercial fishing boats tend not to have AIS switched on...

Roger, a great example of lateral thinking, that rig definitely counts as a tall ship.


Re: August photo competition: "Interesting boats and ships."

03 Aug 2017, 19:58

Thanks for the link, Douglas - I was aware of ShipAIS but not the history section. (I tend to use marinetraffic.com)
This provided the info my records had failed to - the name of the rig, which is Ocean Guardian.

It eventually made its way out of the Forth and is currently in the Cromarty Firth off Invergordon, having been replaced in its position off Burntisland by a rig with the less imaginative title of Paragon MSS1, which is currently basking in the evening sunlight plump in the middle of the view from our apartment window. It will be lit up like a large Christmas tree in a few hours.


Re: August photo competition: "Interesting boats and ships."

03 Aug 2017, 21:46

Lake Geneva.


Re: August photo competition: "Interesting boats and ships."

07 Aug 2017, 21:28

Stray that is interesting... an antiroll bar on a pedalo! :)


I forgot to say extra points will be awarded for any photos of submerged submarines, as long as they are taken from your boat.

No use looking for this one on ShipAIS, she is not saying'! She doesn't even have a name plate but she is one of four Vanguard class subs. We came across her while we were crossing the Firth of Clyde channel on the crossing between Little Cumbrae and Bute. We spotted a black conning tower on the horizon just as two patrol RIBs spotted us. Each had 2 200HP outboards so they soon had us circled. One of the armed crew dressed in black hailed us.

" I know what you're thinking: "Is she doing six knots or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I've kinda lost track myself. But her being a Vanguard class, the most powerful submarine in the world, and would blow you clean out the water, you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?"

We turned round and headed back the way we came!


Re: August photo competition: "Interesting boats and ships."

07 Aug 2017, 22:49

We where parked up in Dunoon last year, and I said to my wife, you might see a submarine. Right on queue a few minutes later, one came sailing down the firth.

Re: August photo competition: "Interesting boats and ships."

10 Aug 2017, 22:15

Here is mine for the month.
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