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Sunday 9th July?

26 Jun 2017, 10:57


Does anyone fancy going out down South / Kent on the 9th July.

We could always cross over to the IoW?


Re: Sunday 9th July?

26 Jun 2017, 18:29

Could do that one sir!

Re: Sunday 9th July?

26 Jun 2017, 20:29

Aye James I'll stick my name down for that :thumbsup

Re: Sunday 9th July?

26 Jun 2017, 20:33

Sweet. I've got some time to sort my boat stuff out so lets make it a date.
If you have any ideas for an outing, I am game.

Hopefully, Pete will make it too however I wouldn't hold my breath on that one lol

Re: Sunday 9th July?

26 Jun 2017, 20:54

Tides are in our favour along the south coast ;-)
A quick look at Langstone/Chichester area, which is a pretty central location, gives us ideal water depth, it's just an adjustment either west/east of that location :)

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 21.42.33.png
9th July tides

Now it's just a case of what do folks fancy going/doing :scratch

Re: Sunday 9th July?

29 Jun 2017, 04:41

Yep count me in on that!

Re: Sunday 9th July?

29 Jun 2017, 19:52

I'm hoping to make it if it's the around the Solent but Kent is a bit far for me in a day.

Re: Sunday 9th July?

30 Jun 2017, 20:31

Cool, so where does everyone want to go? Chichester? Southampton?
I'd like to cross over to the IoW but I can do that another time if no one fancies it.

Re: Sunday 9th July?

30 Jun 2017, 22:23


IOW visit is easy from Calshot or Warsash but parking can be limited if the weather's good. Calshot is a 'hike' for the likes of you, Enzo and Pete :idea:
Maybe Chichester as pretty central to everyone, wide slipway, adequate parking and everyone knows the 'score' and where it is :idea: :|

Weather dependant we could circumnavigate Portsmouth or visit the IOW via a couple of Forts landing at Ryde Sands for lunch ...... if it's rough we'll hide in Chichester and Langstone harbours :drive
Anyone with other suggestions please chime in :thumbsup
I'm happy to go with the flow :D

Re: Sunday 9th July?

01 Jul 2017, 13:56

Paul, I am happy with that plan. We can always go out to the submarine buildings.

I've had the boat pumped up in the back garden for a few days, so that's good
Engine has been run, and that's also good

I purchased a pump battery and charger, both work very well so thanks for your recommendations!

I don't think Pete will be ready with his boat which is a shame.

I'm going to be bringing two passengers with me (Brother and his "friend"). I'm not 100% sure how well the boat will go with adults. If it doesn't go well, would anyone mind taking a passanger? She is a female and nice to talk too and she says she likes a bit of roughness :-)
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