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Auxiliary padding

04 Oct 2017, 22:29

I recently went on an extended 1 day sightseeing jolly in my T3.8 Honwave around the Clyde Coast.
I packed my sarnies and flask, petrol and tool kit into the cavernous bow of the T3.8.
For peace of mind I also packed my little Suzuki 2.2hp 2 stroke outboard as an auxilary to the 2007 Tohatsu 20 hp on the transom.

I wrapped the little Suzuki in an old blanket and some old towels. The purpose of the padding was 2 fold - stop the engine chaffing on the floor / tube and to protect the engine from damage.

If the sh!t hit the fan and I had to resort to using the auxiliary engine to get me back to port, I was gonna lay the Tohatsu on the floor on top of a couple of sections of rubberised foam padding and the towels / sheet from the auxiliary.

With the little Suzuki tied down in the bow secrion I happily set off across the mirror like sea. I was satisfied that I had adequate contingency plans with the Aux engine, VHF, PLB, flares, mobile etc.

Thankfully I did not need the auxiliary but I was content that it was there if required as I was many miles from port.

I have favoured my other trailered Sib (Honwave 3.5ae) over the T3.8 as it had an auxiliary bracket and fixed DSC VHF)
Having recently modified the bench seat to carry all my electrical gizmos on either the 3.5ae or T3.8 the only thing the T3.8 lacked was an auxiliary engine.

As i am still struggling along with an old neck / shoulder injury i have found the airfloor T3.8 sib to be much kinder on the injury than the ally floor 3.5ae. The air floor acts like a shock absorber in a chop. I was keen to be able to carry an auxiliary engine aboard the T3.8 for the sake of my injuries .
Recent jolly

Aux wrapped in old towels
Aux wrapped up in towel

I had a rummage thru my shed and found some old off cuts of rubberised foam padding.
With some cable ties, a ball of string and a stanley knife Iset about making a padded 2 piece suit that would fit bothmy Suzuki 2.5hp 4 stroke and Suzuki 2.2hp 2 stroke outboards.

The idea i had was to make a 2 piece suit which would be easy to slot on and off. The bottom of the 2 engines shafts are near identical, so I made a prop cover first. The top of the 4 stroke Suzuki was much bulkier so I made the cover large enough to fit it. The addition of a couple of old towels helps pad the 2 stoke out to fit snuggly inside the padding.

I will also utilise the padding when I go out near shore fishing. I will most likely use the 2.5hp Suzuki as the main / trolling motor with the 2.2hp 2 stroke as back up.

It cost next go nowt and fits both outboards.
It ain't pretty but it'll give me added peace of mind :party
Side by side 2 vs 4 stroke
From above
Upper and lower protective padding
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Re: Auxiliary padding

05 Oct 2017, 09:18

Nice one Kaman, I think I'll steal that idea over the winter. Hopefully wont need it though as I've ordered the new Tohatsu 20 efi and a Mr funnel - thanks to info on this forum. Wonder what impulse buy I'll be tempted into today!!

Re: Auxiliary padding

08 Oct 2017, 19:02

Steal away Warder. I'm in the middle of another wee project at the moment. I dont fancy the prospect of lifting the 20hp Tohatsu off of the transom and onto the air deck in the event of a breakdown, so I'm making an auxiliary engine bracket for the T3.8 Honwave. Need to get it on the lathe and the a lick of paint. I will post up once it's done. :D

Re: Auxiliary padding

09 Oct 2017, 05:41

My idea now is to buy the quick release transom wheels so you can still have the auxiliary engine on. After launching you would obviously have to put the one wheel in the boat.

Re: Auxiliary padding

09 Oct 2017, 06:34

Hi Pritch.
Unfortunately that idea wouldn't work on the T3.8 due to the trim tabs that protrude from the rear of the transom.


Re: Auxiliary padding

09 Oct 2017, 11:36

Oh i see. That could be a problem :)

Re: Auxiliary padding

09 Oct 2017, 14:13

All will be revealed in due course :drive
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