A Website dedicated To The Inflatable Boat User

Welcome…. To quite possibly the worlds first ever 

"Dedicated Sib & Folding Rib Forum"

Inflatable boats have enormous potential and capability, These qualities are often ignored on larger forums - The result is usually you feeling like the underdog and overwhelmed by the bigger power boat owners and their craft..

Here at F-Ribs & Sibs, We do things a little different, The SIB enthusiasts & F-Rib Community now have a website dedicated to their needs.

We welcome all levels of experience, whether you're thinking of buying a boat or you’re a seasoned Captain, you’ll find our “
Fun, Free & Friendly Forum” contains a wealth of helpful information for the seasoned sibber or a huge amount of knowledge for a perspective buyer to aid purchasing a "Suitable Craft" for their needs .

Yes, Predominantly we are a Folding Rib and SIB forum, however — we do cater for all aspects of boating from paddle boards and kayaks to motor cruisers- 

If like us, you enjoy fishing from your SIB / F-Rib then you're in the right place. Many of our members are keen fishermen too. 

Our forum is Fun, Free & Friendly, Join us today for the advice you're seeking, Or perhaps a little cruising in company with members local to you.


A superb exa,ple of the F-Rib 375s

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